Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Minority

I'm going to share a few songs that show some views often overlooked. AKA- The Minority, some just see it as a bunch of kids that just say F*ck the system, I'm gonna be a rebel because it's cool! ... That's not what it's about. I would just like to share a few songs that show this...

Burn Burn- Lost Prophets

A Town Called Hipocrisy- Lost Prophets

Rooftops- Lost Prophets

One-X- Three Days Grace

I will post something up about my views on this here in the coming week. Yes, it shall be amazing. I was inspired to post this because just recently I had gotten in trouble for breaking some of the most ridiculous rules in school. All I did was stand out and be myself, and yes, I do make good grades. On average a 3.0 GPA. But no, it doesn't matter that those who follow these rules fail classes, as long as they look good... I will elaborate on this later, for I do not have the time right now...