Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Minority

I'm going to share a few songs that show some views often overlooked. AKA- The Minority, some just see it as a bunch of kids that just say F*ck the system, I'm gonna be a rebel because it's cool! ... That's not what it's about. I would just like to share a few songs that show this...

Burn Burn- Lost Prophets

A Town Called Hipocrisy- Lost Prophets

Rooftops- Lost Prophets

One-X- Three Days Grace

I will post something up about my views on this here in the coming week. Yes, it shall be amazing. I was inspired to post this because just recently I had gotten in trouble for breaking some of the most ridiculous rules in school. All I did was stand out and be myself, and yes, I do make good grades. On average a 3.0 GPA. But no, it doesn't matter that those who follow these rules fail classes, as long as they look good... I will elaborate on this later, for I do not have the time right now...



A Nobody said...

Okay i agree that sometimes doesn't feel fair that this person is passing but you are not because you got in trouble. Why did you get in trouble? You knew that there will be consequences.. so WHY? Trying to break rules or so doesn't mean you are trying to be yourself. I mean i don't get how those two things are even anywhere close to "UNIQUE". No one is unique, especially when you break a rule. You are unique when you listen to what your mind says, and i am sure it said "NO YOU SHALL NOT DO WRONG" but only a few listen. I mean you have to realize you were given a brain to use it not store it in your rock like cranium. Anyway nice blog so following.

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