Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Prose Writing

*~A simple Rose~*
A Rose. A simple Rose. Meant to Foretell the Beauty and Passion of a cruel world. So simple, but yet it's Complexities are what we adore and tickle our brain. Our eye perceives, the light reflected, from this simple rose. The eye then feeds this information into our Neural Network, making our brain perceive this as a symbol of Beauty and Passion. So what have we achieved? Nothing, but a mere thought of what we so longed for, in this cruel world, an image of Beauty and Passion. Even though our plane of Existence, may not exist at all. This Warmth of the Rose makes us live on through this cruel world. So it may be, I don't exist, the image of this Rose makes it worth the image Non-Existence.

~Drew Horton


David Wood said...

Nice. Interesting perspective.

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